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  LecygneNoir 03a8f4e71f Merge branch 'release/v0.12.2' 11 months ago
  LecygneNoir 5ca5ff5238 Release v0.12.2 to fix broken dependencies 11 months ago
  LecygneNoir 6c16b2f037 Merge tag 'v0.12.1' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 36110432da Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.12.1' 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 388f76b855 Fix a bug in when configuring log level 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir ef92fed69d Merge tag 'v0.12.0' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir bcb0e267f3 Merge branch 'release/v0.12.0' 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 8bc79853c8 Bump version to v0.12.0 and prepare poetry build for v0.12.0 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 45a1cbccff Merge branch 'feature/remove_formatcheck' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 0a1360d8e2 Prepare changelo for v0.12.0 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir f8ae2b1c5e Update libraries and dependencies for prismedia 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 0a53e77bd6 Add auto search for thumbnail based on .png in addition to .jpg and .jpeg 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 2f7629ef1e Remove format checks for videos and thumbnail as Youtube and Peertube have no limitation anymore 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir e0a63ed4b2 Revert README to use prismedia as it's indeed the binary script installed through pip 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir ba2a1ebb79 Merge branch 'feature/improve_genconfig' into develop 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir cf3d4c32c3 Better resilience for the genconfig function thanks to happy path and @Zykino suggestion! 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 85f0fe9b6f Add ask_overwirte function to utils in order to be more general and usable in other modules 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1a006f3b6c Improve genconfig system and documentation for easier use, cf #55 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir cdef038323 Move logger initialization in __init__.py to be able to use it from any module 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir cbf3386bac Remove confusing warning when using genconfig, see #55 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir ca733e0dc3 Merge pull request 'hearthbeat (keepalive ?)' (#54) from Zykino/prismedia:hearthbeat into develop 2 years ago
  Zykino a4f162320d Fix some spacing formatting and documentation 2 years ago
  Zykino 29b1747c3e Visit all of Youtube’s playlists 2 years ago
  Zykino ea39fe9854 Fix some spacing 2 years ago
  Zykino a725e848ab Add an option to use some credits easiely 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 9b6da1e3dc Merge tag 'v0.11.0' into develop 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 194e2e4606 Merge branch 'release/v0.11.0' 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 339caeb7f7 Bump files to v0.11.0, fix #50 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir e6375b5aa0 Merge pull request 'Add a progression bar for Peertube's upload' (#52) from Zykino/prismedia:feature/progression into develop 2 years ago
  Zykino 6add140732 Disable the progressbar when the user want a quiet output 2 years ago
  Zykino c4e3243131 Add clint as requirement 2 years ago
  Zykino 93f1205ab8 Make it possible to choose between multiples tipes of progress bar 2 years ago
  Zykino 09c2d84357 Add a progression bar to Peertube upload 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 230ac545c4 Patch incorrect loading of NFO keys, breaking the match when the key contains -, and add example for auto-originalDate in NFO 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 42ee7d761b Need to strip the getmtime timestamp as some OSes return timestamp with microsecond (XXXX.YYYY) 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1a937098d8 Merge branch 'feature/recording_date' into develop 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 736582b495 Change the originalDate behaviour to not default, and add option to auto manage the original date if needed 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 4a9fda5e77 Add one function to deal with date to avoid duplicate code 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 8dc3a86aab Stripe the README from the full --help output to focus on some main features 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 4b7c01a707 Add help for option originalDate and changelog about the feature 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir dc98f2e155 Add functions to manage Original Date of record for peertube 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 60bf26418d Add the originalDate options to Youtube videos 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 447310a17e Add options and bunch of functions to maange the originalDate fields in prismedia, cf #50 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 9b597f461e Merge tag 'v0.10.3' into develop 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 8b1470ab31 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.10.3' 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 6d15ad18ca Fix peertube pagination index for playlsit, as index begins at 0, not 1, shame on me! 😳 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 5c991581e8 bump to v0.10.2 for poetry 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 4956a19d0e bump to v0.10.2 for poetry 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 2f8543b43c Merge tag 'v0.10.2' into develop 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 5607c8ea06 Merge branch 'release/v0.10.2' 2 years ago