Scripting way to upload videos to peertube and youtube
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A scripting way to upload videos to peertube and youtube


Search in your package manager, otherwise use pip install --upgrade

  • google-auth
  • google-auth-oauthlib
  • google-auth-httplib2
  • google-api-python-client
  • docopt
  • schema
  • python-magic
  • requests-toolbelt

How To

Currently in heavy development

Support only mp4 for cross compatibily between Youtube and Peertube

./ --help
ptyt_upload - tool to upload videos to Peertube and Youtube

Usage: --file=<FILE> [options] -h | --help --version

  --name=NAME  Name of the video to upload. default to video file name
  -d, --description=STRING  Description of the video.
  -t, --tags=STRING  Tags for the video. comma separated
  -h --help  Show this help.
  --version  Show version.



inspired by peeror and youtube-upload