192 Commits (v0.9.1)

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  LecygneNoir e52e7f354d Merge branch 'release/v0.9.1' 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 701e61413c Update prismedia, documentation and dependencies to v0.9.1 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 4e20d9efc4 Merge branch 'bypass-mime-verification' of Zykino/prismedia into develop 4 years ago
  Zykino 802d70b8d5 Empower user to force using the file they selected 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir a1c472a5fa Merge tag 'v0.9.0' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 57a4f3dfd0 Merge branch 'release/v0.9.0' 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 4e5c2e1245 Update Changelog for the v0.9.0 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1b55340b34 Update poetry.lock to match new python-magic requirements 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 64c5378e18 Merge branch 'feature/nfo-enhanced' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1169301f14 After test python-magic is required on Windows in addition to python-magic-bin, so remove the 'Linux only' marker 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 03ae92d1af Load nfo.txt or NFO.txt regardless the letter case 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 11a91af534 Add better description for Enhanced NFO based on @Zykino review 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 881a01f862 Write documentation about the new NFO usage and possibilities 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir ef5d6b843a Add a full set of samples to understand better who NFO works now 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 17017ae90c Modify the NFO functions to allow an enhanced use with priorities in options 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir e91ada951f gitignore .mp4 to avoid commiting test files 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir af65627fcf Fix some typo regarding poetry 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir cb39eef8e0 Merge branch 'feature/poetry' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 8faae852ea Add documentation for poetry and adjust Changelog 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 72b47b95ec Modify files and add poetry configuration files to use poetry for distributing and publishing 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir b1a5d244d4 Prepare poetry with more standard nomination and configuration and change gitignore to avoid committing file by error 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 429ea2333e Add new feature to schedule different publication date depending of the platform. Target v0.9.0, Fix #43 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 159ab00cc9 Merge tag '0.8.0' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1dd41f0c46 Merge branch 'release/0.8.0' 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 04e5c326ee Update version to 0.8.0 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 99eee2363b Test if using python3 at the beginning of the script, and change shebang to do not force python3, as it enforce default python3 value and thus the check failed even if python2 is used 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 76e379ab97 Merge branch 'feature/python3' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1e72033846 Update changelog, help and readme to finish the python3 feature 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 2a624e1d9b Uncomment upload lines commented by error 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 2b00d65546 Merge branch 'feature/python3-windows' of Zykino/prismedia into feature/python3 4 years ago
  Zykino 77bcda7a79 Add a debug option. Upload to Peertube before Youtube. 4 years ago
  Zykino 591ed0ab80 Fix some the README: sync the dependency list with requirements.txt 4 years ago
  Zykino e94b48278a Force the NFO parsing to read as UTF-8 4 years ago
  Zykino 8c99747898 Remove the CLI input decoding 4 years ago
  Zykino aa7aeed688 Force the use of at least Python 3 4 years ago
  Zykino 4f2a69e025 Add the binaries for the lib needed on Windows 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir aafa71ce6d Update Changelog about python3 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir ee92ff3a6f Add a requirements.txt for an easier installation of dependencies 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir fa633ee5bb Update files, functions and code to work with python3 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 8b26f0ee53 Merge tag 'v0.7.1' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 7b0c543865 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.7.1' 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir e5c8c4c9b9 Release hotfix v0.7.1 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 5dc6c78211 Fix bug #42 , crash on Peertube when there is only one tag in video 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 83a1d30c1c Merge tag 'v0.7.0' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 1fc0577ce7 Merge branch 'release/v0.7.0' 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir ee2e11b788 Release prismedia v0.7.0, close #40 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 9c72a563bd Merge branch 'feature/pt-channel' into develop 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir aa81f13973 Update nfo and readme for the new channel feature for peertube 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 44875b3567 Add new feature to combine channel and playlist on peertube 🎉 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 322774a214 Rework README's feature list for more lisibility 4 years ago