scripting your way to upload videos to peertube and youtube
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A scripting way to upload videos to peertube and youtube written in python2


Search in your package manager, otherwise use pip install --upgrade

  • google-auth
  • google-auth-oauthlib
  • google-auth-httplib2
  • google-api-python-client
  • docopt
  • schema
  • python-magic
  • python-magic-bin
  • requests-toolbelt
  • tzlocal


Edit peertube_secret and youtube_secret.json with your credentials.


Set your credentials, peertube server URL.
You can get client_id and client_secret by logging in your peertube website and reaching the URL: https://domain.example/api/v1/oauth-clients/local You can set OAUTHLIB_INSECURE_TRANSPORT to 1 if you do not use https (not recommended)


Youtube uses combination of oauth and API access to identify.

Credentials The first time you connect, prismedia will open your browser to as you to authenticate to Youtube and allow the app to use your Youtube channel.
It is here you choose which channel you will upload to.
Once authenticated, the token is stored inside the file .youtube_credentials.json.
Prismedia will try to use this file at each launch, and re-ask for authentication if it does not exist.

The default youtube_secret.json should allow you to upload some videos.
If you plan an larger usage, please consider creating your own youtube_secret file:

  • Go to the Google console.
  • Create project.
  • Side menu: APIs & auth -> APIs
  • Top menu: Enabled API(s): Enable all Youtube APIs.
  • Side menu: APIs & auth -> Credentials.
  • Create a Client ID: Add credentials -> OAuth 2.0 Client ID -> Other -> Name: prismedia1 -> Create -> OK
  • Download JSON: Under the section “OAuth 2.0 client IDs”. Save the file to your local system.
  • Save this JSON as your youtube_secret.json file.

How To

Currently in heavy development

Support only mp4 for cross compatibility between Youtube and Peertube

Simply upload a video:

./ --file="yourvideo.mp4"

Specify description and tags:

./ --file="yourvideo.mp4" -d "My supa description" -t "tag1,tag2,foo"

Provide a thumbnail:

./ --file="yourvideo.mp4" -d "Video with thumbnail" --thumbnail="/path/to/your/thumbnail.jpg"

Use a NFO file to specify your video options:

./ --file="yourvideo.mp4" --nfo /path/to/your/nfo.txt

Use --help to get all available options:

  -f, --file=STRING Path to the video file to upload in mp4
  --name=NAME  Name of the video to upload. (default to video filename)
  -d, --description=STRING  Description of the video. (default: default description)
  -t, --tags=STRING  Tags for the video. comma separated.
                     WARN: tags with space and special characters (!, ', ", ?, ...)
                           are not supported by Mastodon to be published from Peertube
                           use mastodon compatibility below
  --mt  Force Mastodon compatibility for tags (drop every incompatible characters inside tags)
        This option requires --tags
  -c, --category=STRING  Category for the videos, see below. (default: Films)
  --cca  License should be CreativeCommon Attribution (affects Youtube upload only)
  -p, --privacy=STRING  Choose between public, unlisted or private. (default: private)
  --disable-comments  Disable comments (Peertube only as YT API does not support) (default: comments are enabled)
  --nsfw  Set the video as No Safe For Work (Peertube only as YT API does not support) (default: video is safe)
  --nfo=STRING  Configure a specific nfo file to set options for the video.
                By default Prismedia search a .txt based on the video name and will
                decode the file as UTF-8 (so make sure your nfo file is UTF-8 encoded)
                See nfo_example.txt for more details
  --platform=STRING  List of platform(s) to upload to, comma separated.
                     Supported platforms are youtube and peertube (default is both)
  --language=STRING  Specify the default language for video. See below for supported language. (default is English)
  --publishAt=DATE  Publish the video at the given DATE using local server timezone.
                    DATE should be on the form YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss eg: 2018-03-12T19:00:00
                    DATE should be in the future
                    For Peertube, requires the "atd" and "curl utilities installed on the system
  --thumbnail=STRING    Path to a file to use as a thumbnail for the video.
                        Supported types are jpg and jpeg.
                        By default, prismedia search for an image based on video name followed by .jpg or .jpeg
  --playlist=STRING Set the playlist to use for the video. Also known as Channel for Peertube.
                    If the playlist is not found, spawn an error except if --playlist-create is set.
  --playlistCreate  Create the playlist if not exists. (default do not create)
                    Only relevant if --playlist is set.
  -h --help  Show this help.
  --version  Show version.

  Category is the type of video you upload. Default is films.
  Here are available categories from Peertube and Youtube:
    music, films, vehicles,
    sports, travels, gaming, people,
    comedy, entertainment, news,
    how to, education, activism, science & technology,
    science, technology, animals

  Language of the video (audio track), choose one. Default is English
  Here are available languages from Peertube and Youtube:
    Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian,
    Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish


  • Youtube upload
  • Peertube upload
  • Support of all videos arguments (description, tags, category, licence, …)
    • description
    • tags (no more than 30 characters per tag as Peertube does not support it)
    • Option to force tags to be compatible with Mastodon publication
    • categories
    • license: cca or not (Youtube only as Peertube uses Attribution by design)
    • privacy (between public, unlisted or private)
    • enabling/disabling comment (Peertube only as Youtube API does not support it)
    • nsfw (Peertube only as Youtube API does not support it)
    • set default language
    • thumbnail/preview
    • multiple lines description (see issue 4)
    • add videos to playlist
    • create playlist
  • Use a config file (NFO) file to retrieve videos arguments
  • Allow to choose peertube or youtube upload (to resume failed upload for example)
  • Add publishAt option to plan your videos
  • Record and forget: put the video in a directory, and the script uploads it for you
  • Usable on Desktop (Linux and/or Windows and/or MacOS)
  • Graphical User Interface


If your server uses peertube before 1.0.0-beta4, use the version inside tag 1.0.0-beta3!


inspired by peeror and youtube-upload