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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import toml
import pathlib
from datetime import datetime
_autouploadFiles = []
class AutoUpload(object):
"""AutoUpload is a class handling the state of videos automatically uploaded by prismedia"""
_videoSuffix = ".mp4"
urlSuffix = "-url"
errorSuffix = "-error"
publishSuffix = "-publish"
lastUpdateTimeKey = "update-time"
def __init__(self, autouploadFile):
super(AutoUpload, self).__init__()
# print("content of file")
# with open(autouploadFile, "r") as file:
# print(file.readlines())
self._baseAutouploadFile = autouploadFile
self._basePath = pathlib.Path(autouploadFile).resolve().parent
def nextVideo(self, platform, recursive=True):
"""Get the path to the next video to upload for a specific platform"""
# Get next video from current autoupload file
for nextVideo in self._autoUploadConfig["videos"]:
if platform + AutoUpload.urlSuffix not in self._autoUploadConfig["videos"][nextVideo]:
videoPath = (self._basePath / nextVideo).with_suffix(self._videoSuffix).resolve().as_posix()
return Video(self, platform, nextVideo, videoPath, (self._baseAutouploadFile, self._autoUploadConfig))
# Get next video from another autoupload file
if recursive:
for file in _autouploadFiles:
if file[0] != self._baseAutouploadFile:
nextVideo = file[1].nextVideo(platform, False)
if nextVideo:
videoPath = (self._basePath / nextVideo.videoName).with_suffix(self._videoSuffix).resolve().as_posix()
return Video(self, platform, nextVideo.videoName, nextVideo.videoPath, (file[0], file[1]._autoUploadConfig))
# No video to upload for this platforms
return None
def reload(self):
"""Reload the configuration"""
def _load(self):
"""Private helper function
Load the configuration file."""
# We can reuse this function to reload the configuration after saving the files, or not
self._autoUploadConfig = toml.load(self._baseAutouploadFile)
_autouploadFiles.append((self._baseAutouploadFile, self))
# This should take care of circular references
# TODO: make a test for this
for autouploadFile in self._autoUploadConfig.get("autoupload", []):
alreadyPresentAutoupload = False
for file in _autouploadFiles:
if file[0] == autouploadFile:
alreadyPresentAutoupload = True
if not alreadyPresentAutoupload:
# TODO: remove me / should only be here for debug
# print("setting autouplad config")
# print(self._baseAutouploadFile)
# print(self._autoUploadConfig)
class Video(object):
"""Returned by AutoUpload when looking for the next Video to upload."""
def __init__(self, parent, platform, videoName, videoPath, autouploadFile):
super(Video, self).__init__()
self._autouploadFile = autouploadFile
self.parent = parent
self.platform = platform
self.videoName = videoName
self.videoPath = videoPath
def success(self, url, publishDate):
"""Last video asked was successfully uploaded"""
updateTime =
# Remove last error if there were any
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName].pop(self.platform + AutoUpload.errorSuffix, None)
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName][AutoUpload.lastUpdateTimeKey] = updateTime
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName][self.platform + AutoUpload.urlSuffix] = url
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName][self.platform + AutoUpload.publishSuffix] = publishDate
def error(self, errorString):
"""There was an error on upload of last video"""
updateTime =
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName][AutoUpload.lastUpdateTimeKey] = updateTime
self._autouploadFile[1]["videos"][self.videoName][self.platform + AutoUpload.errorSuffix] = errorString
def _write(self):
"""Private helper function
Write current autoupload state on file(s)"""
with open(self._autouploadFile[0], "w", encoding="utf-8", errors="strict") as f:
toml.dump(self._autouploadFile[1], f, encoder=toml.TomlPreserveInlineDictEncoder()) # can we also inherit from toml.TomlPreserveCommentEncoder()?