Scripting way to upload videos to peertube and youtube
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v0.6.1-1 Hotfix

This fix prepares the python3 compatibility.
Warning you need a new prerequisites: python-unidecode

  • Remove mastodon tags (mt) options as it’s deprecated. Compatibility between Peertube and Mastodon is complete.
  • Simplify python2 specific functions



  • fix an error when playlists on Peertube have same names but not same display names (issue #20)
  • fix an error where videos does not upload on Peertube when some characters are used in playlist(issue #19)



Beware, the first launch of prismedia for youtube will reask for credentials, this is needed for playlists.

This release is fully compatible with Peertube v1.0.0!


  • Add the possibility to upload thumbnail.
  • Add the possibility to configure playlist. (thanks @zykino for Peertube part)
  • Use the API instead of external binaries for publishAt for both Peertube and Youtube. (thanks @zykino)
  • Use the console option to authenticate against youtube for easier use with ssh’ed servers
  • Add -f as an alias for --file for easier upload.



  • plan your Peertube videos! Stable release
  • Support for Peertube beta4
  • More examples in NFO
  • Better support for multilines descriptions


  • Display datetime for output
  • plan video only if upload is successful