• v0.9.0

    LecygneNoir 3 years ago | 80 commits to master since this release

    Upgrade from v0.8.0

    Now using poetry for packaging and installing! It's easier to maintain and publish package, but means changes when using prismedia from command line.

    Using poetry (recommanded)

    poetry install
    • use prismedia from the command line directly from your path:
    prismedia -h

    From source
    Prismedia is now seen as a python module, so you need to use python -m prismedia instead of ./
    Once you have pulled the new v0.9.0, you may update by using:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    # Then use prismedia through python command line:
    python -m prismedia -h


    • Prismedia now uses poetry to allow easier installation usage and build, see the README (fix #34)
    • Add two new options to schedule video by platform. You may now use youtubeAt and peertubeAt to prepare previews (fix #43)
    • Enhance the NFO system to allow a hierarchical loading of multiple NFO, with priorities. See README and prismedia/samples for details (fix #11)