• v0.12.0

    LecygneNoir 2 years ago | 6 commits to master since this release


    • Add --heartbeat option to send request to youtube API, avoiding youtube to disabling you API account if you do not upload video often (Thanks @Zykino see #54)
    • Rework and improve genconfig process to avoid erasing existing configuration and make it more easy to use
    • Add a prismedia-init script when installing prismedia to easily generate basic configuration (see #55)
    • Update multiple dependencies used for prismedia as they were very old.
    • Add auto search for thumbnail in .png in addition to .jpg and .jepg.


    • Add pagination for youtube playlist to search for all user playlists (Thanks @Zykino)
    • Remove file format check for both videos and thumbnail as Youtube and Peertube now accepts more than .mp4 and .jpg (see #60)