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  LecygneNoir 8b26f0ee53 Merge tag 'v0.7.1' into develop 1 week ago
  LecygneNoir 7b0c543865 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.7.1' 1 week ago
  LecygneNoir e5c8c4c9b9 Release hotfix v0.7.1 1 week ago
  LecygneNoir 5dc6c78211 Fix bug #42 , crash on Peertube when there is only one tag in video 1 week ago
  LecygneNoir 83a1d30c1c Merge tag 'v0.7.0' into develop 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir 1fc0577ce7 Merge branch 'release/v0.7.0' 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir ee2e11b788 Release prismedia v0.7.0, close #40 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir 9c72a563bd Merge branch 'feature/pt-channel' into develop 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir aa81f13973 Update nfo and readme for the new channel feature for peertube 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir 44875b3567 Add new feature to combine channel and playlist on peertube 🎉 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir 322774a214 Rework README's feature list for more lisibility 2 months ago
  LecygneNoir b21317ec7e Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.6.4' into develop 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir 4ea1daf966 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.6.4' 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir ef30541688 Update version to v0.6.4 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir 42a20308f0 Exit the upload when failing to add video to a playlist on Youtube, to be more consistent with Peertube, fix #33 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir 070e05de0b Correctly check if a playlist has been created on Youtube before trying to add an uploaded video to it, cf #33 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir b29b9cedef Patch the check for playlist exist on Youtube, fix #39 3 months ago
  LecygneNoir 6f67de0a3d Merge branch 'hotfix/0.6.3' into develop 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 6b1260c7bc Merge branch 'hotfix/0.6.3' 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 384a50ca63 Changelog and bump for hotfix 0.6.3 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir fff3b50074 Add the default channel_id when creating a public Peertube playlist, cf #38 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 91bdfafb45 Merge branch 'release/v0.6.2' 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 2a8449afec Merge branch 'feature/pt-playlist-1.3' into develop 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 4707632f13 Add CHANGELOG for version v0.6.2 4 months ago
  LecygneNoir 82fd09c0e7 Peertube: Add the function to set playlist for peertube video, and not use channel anymore 5 months ago
  LecygneNoir 9b3d793975 Peertube: modify upload to ever use default channel and create true playlist instead. Playlist created as private for the moment 5 months ago
  LecygneNoir 3b38290040 Update CHANGELOG according to the text used in gitea for v0.6.1-1 8 months ago
  LecygneNoir 8f0fc4cfb5 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.6.1-1' into develop 8 months ago
  LecygneNoir 7db1ad2836 Release hotfix v0.6.1-1: prepare python3 compatibility 8 months ago
  LecygneNoir 2f40ef1826 Simplify cleanString function to prepare python3 compatibility 8 months ago
  LecygneNoir 3797c9a9f0 Remove mt option as it's not useful anymore 8 months ago
  LecygneNoir 5907859066 Merge branch 'feature/encoding' of Zykino/prismedia into develop 11 months ago
  Zykino bddf2ee414 fix typo 11 months ago
  Zykino f66ba6cc21 string from URF-8 encoded files have not the "unicode" type 11 months ago
  Zykino 8d8898aa55 The strings arguments should be in unicode 1 year ago
  Zykino 6c68c3363b prevent decoding unicode strings since python prefer to crash than doing nothing 1 year ago
  Zykino 617e989154 fix error message 1 year ago
  Zykino dbcd2ff010 update the README 1 year ago
  Zykino dffd3ffa84 decode stdin strins arguments 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 7e4f9d995c correct some typo in output, fix #23 11 months ago
  LecygneNoir 8c0f1fd038 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.6.1' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 08416d2796 Merge branch 'hotfix/v0.6.1' 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 2338188325 Add changelog and version for hotfix v0.6.1 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 9426ca465c Fix 409 conflict in Peertube when a playlist with same name already exists (#20) 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 70a933f48a Merge branch 'hotfix/issue19' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 097ff965bb Merge branch 'hotfix/issue19' 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 90d998a64a Patch error on Peertube when playlist name contains non letter characters surrounded by space. fix #19 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir f8d1fb8e33 fix unicode comparison in pt_upload 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir ce671dab8e Merge branch 'release/v0.6' into develop 1 year ago
  LecygneNoir 9aa84aa8b7 Merge branch 'release/v0.6' 1 year ago