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  victor héry 4ac148cb58 need to restart dovecot in addition to postfix to manage imap/pop :-) 2 years ago
  victor héry 55e37592e3 add a script to create SAN certificates for postfix, and upload them to the mail server 2 years ago
  victor héry 668b6e6b86 patch debian path for certbot 2 years ago
  victor héry 6340eda4ae use systemctl instead of service, as systemctl is now massively used.. 2 years ago
  victor héry e91d7a2075 use certbot from packages as it is now available 2 years ago
  LecygneNoir 8b21f11d3f add mention of the blog article to be able to use scripts correclty (need haproxy configuration) 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 641051ff19 add some date in the log output for better logging 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir d77924a75c typo in the concatenate line, sorry 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir e9e288c0d8 scripts are better with exec right :) 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 7e025271df better listing of existing certificate from /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/ 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 7ec6882dae use markdown syntax in README 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 67be6af395 exit 1 in case of error 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 6c20cd561c use configuration variables at the beginning of the script 4 years ago
  Victor f749fde887 add some documentation in README 4 years ago
  Victor 08098b3a67 adding renew-certificates script 4 years ago
  Victor 590ac98839 adding create-certificate script 4 years ago
  LecygneNoir 16ba47db4d initial commit 4 years ago